Alison May, I think this is soo important! This really resonates with me. I love how you describe it at the “dark side of productivity”.

I had a similar realization.

These days, many of us feel like we need to read every new article, jump on every new trend, experiment with every new method, wake up even earlier.

Indeed, the purpose of (reading about) productivity-improvement has shifted from productivity itself to a subtle form of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

The entire point of improving your productivity is to get to that place where you no longer need to think about how to be more productive.

But, as the avid productivity-fan will have experienced, trying to optimize your productivity only seems to drive you away from that satisfied, ‘I’m productive enough’ state of mind.

There is this constant gnawing feeling that there’s still some magic technique that will create the next (or first, for me) viral article.

All these productivity articles give me the feeling that I could always do better — that I’m never doing good enough.

Thanks for writing about this!

PhD philosophy. Essays about why we believe what we do, how societies come to a public understanding about truth, and how we might do better (crazy times)

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